Retail & Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Connect with more customers for a smooth shopping experience.

The customer journey has changed dramatically over the course of the digital age, especially for retailers and CPG companies. With more channels available to connect with your customers than ever before, it’s important to capitalize on every opportunity for your brand to stand out from the pack. One of those channels is a tried-and-true phone call. But due to the rise in robocalling and unsolicited telemarketing, it’s become nearly impossible to have a consumer pick up a call from a number they don’t recognize. In fact, 97% of all business calls go unanswered.

Neustar has developed a solution to help you increase your contact rate with consumers. Enhanced Caller ID for mobile allows you to control your branding across carriers and platforms by ditching the anonymous 10-digit number and shows a customizable, rich multimedia display. By clearly identifying your brand, you’ll be making it far more likely the customer will pick up, letting you make the connection to see an increase in sales and provide a better customer experience.


Financial Services

Create a better customer experience through enhanced identity.

Financial services institutions and insurance companies are always trying to figure out ways to improve the connected customer experience. The modern consumer expects frictionless transactions and the convenience of self-service digital interactions. But sometimes, you need to initiate the connection, whether to alert them to potentially fraudulent activity on their credit card, or update them on the status of their insurance claim. Here’s the problem — the modern consumer very rarely answers a call from a number they don’t know. And due to phone scams and fraud, they’re especially wary of calls related to financial activity. What if there was a way to encourage them to pick up the call because it originated from a verified source?

With Neustar, there is. Our Enhanced Caller ID solution for mobile allows you to create a customizable display that clearly identifies your brand, and this can be accomplished across carriers and platforms to maintain consistency. In addition, our online business listings services allows your nationwide network of branches and offices to control their identity by managing what is published about you, like address, contact numbers and office hours, to ensure customers see accurate and current details. It’s an easy way to ensure anyone who looks you up on online comes away with a positive experience, rather than going through the frustration of visiting a closed store or dialing a disconnected number.



Leave the competition in your rear-view mirror by connecting with more car buyers and owners.

Improving the phone call experience should be considered low-hanging fruit to improve your ROI. According to an article on MarketingLand, data from Google revealed that 60% of consumers who perform a mobile search for cars, parts or service will place a phone call to the dealership. In addition, 48% of all car dealer searches are done on a mobile device. A report from the Marchex Institute showed that 70% of all inbound calls to dealerships were for parts and service, while 10% were for sales inquiries. All of this shows that the phone call is a vital part of the customer journey for automakers.

When that prospective car buyer or car owner hears back from you, how much better of a customer experience do you think it would be if you could show a customized display with your branding on their mobile device when you called them back? Thanks to Neustar Enhanced Caller ID, you can. An astounding 97% of business phone calls don’t get answered these days because consumers simply don’t pick up calls from a number they don’t recognize. Our solution eliminates that problem because they will be able to clearly see who is calling them. This increases contact rates, allows you to make a personal connection and increases your chance of closing the sale. Neustar can also offer Localeze, which puts control of your online business listings back into the hands of your local dealership so they can ensure the accuracy of their information on a distribution list of more than 150 publishers and 200 local search partners.


Travel & Hospitality

Make your calling experience with travelers feel like it was personalized just for them.

Most travelers expect a first-class customer experience, even when they’re taking their trip on a budget. And part of that connected customer experience might be the need to reach out to your guest with a phone call. But the problem is that most consumers won’t answer a call from a number they don’t recognize and oftentimes don’t listen to the voicemail message. So what happens if that call is in regards to an urgent change in their itinerary, like a cancelled flight due to a mechanical problem that needs to be rebooked? Your opportunity to elevate the customer experience has vanished through no fault of your own.

Neustar has developed a unique solution that can make it far more likely for you to make the connection and create a memorable customer experience. Our Enhanced Caller ID lets you customize the valuable real estate of a smartphone display with multimedia branding when you’re calling a customer. It lets them see that the call is coming from a legitimate business source and not from a telemarketer, robocaller or scam artist.


Communications & Technology

Accelerate service fulfillment to grow and guard your customer base, along with their connected devices.

Consolidation and network transformation keep competition fierce across the communications service provider and technology landscape. You have to deliver and activate digital services with the speed and excellence your subscribers and enterprise customers demand for a seamless, omnichannel experience. Phone calls are still a vital means of communication in the connected world. Neustar is working hard to return trust in the face of rampant robocalling, call spoofing, and phone scams. Let’s get customers feeling confident they can pick up the phone again when the call originates from a legitimate source.

Neustar is also the industry leader in service fulfillment, with Order Management and Number Management solutions that use real-time data from authoritative sources to streamline your operations. We also offer Addressing and SMS Routing solutions, including the Pathfinder service with connections to more than 4.6 billion global telephone numbers. Let Neustar be your one-stop-shop that allows you to grow your bottom line and speed up your network and operations.