Caller ID (CNAM)

Deliver reliable and accurate caller name information for inbound and outbound communications from the largest provider of Caller ID services in the U.S.

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Robocall Mitigation

Detect illegal robocalling and other calling fraud in near real time with analytics and insight. Proactively identify major offenders so you can take action.

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Certified ID

Restore trust in communications and combat Caller ID fraud by providing visual indicators that signal a caller’s information has been authenticated and verified.

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Product Resources

Trusted Call Solutions Aim to Transform the Mobile Calling Experience

Gorkem Yigit from Analysys Mason profiles Trusted Call solutions and how they help reduce phone fraud (robocalling, number spoofing), and provide a brand identity tool to improve customer engagement, protect reputation and potentially reduce operational costs.

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Product Resources

Are Your Calls to Customers Getting Through?

The FCC has announced new rules that allow voice service providers to block calls that are likely to be fraudulent – some legitimate calls are being caught in the crossfire.

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Product Resources

Robocalling and Call Spoofing FAQs

Neustar answers FAQs around robocall mitigation, operations and processes related to outbound calls to customers.

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