December 9th, 2015

Thought Leaders in the Internet of Things: Who Are They, What Are They Saying?

It should no surprise by now that talk of the Internet of Things is all the rage. The promise of an interconnected world in which we’re able to track, analyze, and alter the objects and devices in our everyday lives sparks imagination and inspires creativity. It has also compelled a great deal of chatter in the ether—especially on social media.

As in any forum, there are movers and shakers. In this case, they’re influencers who are leading the global conversation about the Internet of Things. But who are they and what are they talking about? Neustar recently collaborated with social research firm Leadtail to answer those questions, by examining how experts on the Internet of Things are using the power and reach of social media to explore its full potential.  The result is our report, Social Insights: Internet of Things. In it are some compelling insights—not only about IoT itself, but also how it’s viewed and valued by these leaders.

Among the findings were the entities that IoT leaders mention most. After all, in any context, being mentioned is a sign that you’re an active part of the social conversation, and those mentioned most frequently are the people you’ll find at the center of engaging conversations between IoT Leaders.

The following word cloud shows the publications, vendors, and people that IoT leaders mentioned most during the report period.

Another research finding involved the topics that most grabbed the attention of IoT leaders. The report's analysis of headlines shared by this audience provides insights into the topics and keywords that engage IoT leaders most often.

The following word cloud shows which topics were most popular with IoT leaders during the report period.

These findings are only a few of the great nuggets of information about IoT leaders. The report also goes into where they cluster geographically, which terms they use to describe themselves, what topics and events they’re talking about, and the top 25 media content sources they share the most.

Want to learn more? Download the full report: Social Insights: Internet of Things.

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