Neustar’s Weekly Reading provides a roundup of the headlines that got our attention this week–from both inside the company and out.

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One Million UltraViolet Copies Redeemed – Consumers purchasing new release movies with UltraViolet have redeemed digital rights to more than 1 million copies in the cloud-based digital storage platform, according to a new report.

STEM Education: Colleges Look Beyond the Lecture - Science, math and engineering departments at many universities are abandoning or retooling the lecture as a style of teaching, worried that it’s driving students away.

Neustar Partners with NSBA to Encourage Small Businesses to Get Online – Neustar is joining forces with the National Small Business Association (NSBA) to spread the word about connecting small businesses with new online venues.

How The Era Of ‘Big-Data’ Is Changing The Practice Of Online Marketing - The arrival of the era of big data signals to the truly successful online marketer that they must now view the online landscape in their niche from both a channel and a cross-channel perspective.